The Trojan Code

cover V8

PC Jake Sullivan’s world takes a deadly turn when his friend, MI5 agent Tony O’Brien, (Legitimate Targets, Ascension Day) arrives at his home, severely beaten and in fear for his life.

He reveals that he had been unofficially investigating the death of his girlfriend, Lisa Burrows, who was a highly talented computer hacker.

O’Brien discovers that she had used their relationship to gain access to MI5’s computer systems, it quickly becomes apparent that her death was no accident, and when MI5 receives damning evidence that implicates him, O’Brien finds himself on the run with nowhere to hide and no one to turn to…. except Jake.

They rapidly find themselves embroiled in a high-octane adventure where they learn the terrifying truth about Lisa’s mission.

Relentlessly pursued by O’Brien’s former colleagues and hunted by Savama, Iran’s terrifying Secret Police, Jake and O’Brien have only a few hours to stop a frightening sequence of events that will decimate life in the UK and enslave its citizens forever.

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