Forthcoming Novels

cover V8

PC Jake Sullivan’s world takes a deadly turn when his friend, MI5 agent Tony O’Brien, (Legitimate Targets, Ascension Day) arrives at his home, severely beaten and in fear for his life.

He reveals that he had been unofficially investigating the death of his girlfriend, Lisa Burrows, who was a highly talented computer hacker.

O’Brien discovers that she had used their relationship to gain access to MI5’s computer systems, it quickly becomes apparent that her death was no accident, and when MI5 receives damning evidence that implicates him, O’Brien finds himself on the run with nowhere to hide and no one to turn to…. except Jake.

They rapidly find themselves embroiled in a high-octane adventure where they learn the terrifying truth about Lisa’s mission.

Relentlessly pursued by O’Brien’s former colleagues and hunted by Savama, Iran’s terrifying Secret Police, Jake and O’Brien have only a few hours to stop a frightening sequence of events that will decimate life in the UK and enslave its citizens forever.



Catherine - Blood and Fire

(As Peter Caulfield) This will be an exciting and enthralling historical supernatural thriller:

Ancient Britain, 415AD and Catherine, Priestess of the Avertci tribe lies dying in the mud of a River; stabbed through the neck by the legendry Saxon warlord, Hengist. When, in present day Britain, the very dagger Hengist used is unearthed,  renowned archaeologist, Antoinette Deselle and her protégé, Charlotte Chandler-Price are called in to investigate.

In her trench, Charley discovers a silver Celtic brooch and the suffers a body-shattering jolt moment she touches it. She is transported back 1500 years to find herself lying in the same river mud, face-to-face with the dying Catherine. Charlotte only has a few moments to take in the scene before she wakens back at the dig. Intrigued and captivated by Catherine’s story, she repeatedly uses the brooch to return and witness truths about the Dark Ages that have only ever been guessed at and which have become the stuff of legends.

Every time the pendant takes her back, she learns more about Catherine’s terrifying struggles to protect her people from the Saxon hoards. With Catherine in mortal danger, Charley watches treacheries unfold  and is frustrated by her inability to intervene. However, with each journey into the past, she finds her grip on the present becoming weaker.  It seems that the only way to save Catherine is to let the past absorb her completely and to say goodbye to the present forever!


Diamond Heat Cover

Planned for publication in 2020, this will be the fourth and final Jake Sullivan novel.

When Jake and Rachel take a belated honeymoon on The Palms in Dubai, they find themselves fighting for their lives against a large force of armed mercenaries, who hold the millionaire inhabitants to ransom.


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