Peter Facer


Peter is a retired police officer with broadcasting and writing experience spanning forty years. He is married with three grown-up children and four grand-children. Living close to the Essex/Suffolk border, he is able to enjoy country walks with the family dog, Harry.

Peter started writing late in life, but believes that this has enabled his experiences and knowledge of policing to bring a new and fresh angle to the usual UK police thriller novel. Unlike those traditional whodunits, Peter’s “Jake Sullivan” novels are fast-paced non-stop action thrillers with plenty of twists, turns and surprises.

“I have an aversion to British crime thrillers,” he said. “They all place a senior officer in the role of protagonist which, being an ex-copper really irks me.”

Peter says that one very popular crime series has a Chief Superintendent doing house-to-house enquiries,knocking on doors and looking for evidence. Ultimately it is she who solves the crimes.

“It’s such a complete nonsense. Once you reach the rank of Chief Inspector you seldom see the outside of a police station and as a Superintendent or higher, the closest you would get to a crime is when they wheel you out for a press conference. It’s the PCs, DCs and Sergeants who do all the legwork.”

It’s this revolt against the norm of British crime thrillers that sees Peter putting a humble PC into the most extraordinary adventures – adventures in which he should never get involved.

“That’s one of the hardest issues when writing for Jake – making his involvement believable. In each novel, there has to be a credible reason for why and how he gets dragged into the action. It’s actually great fun to work on.”

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