So who is Jake Sullivan? 

Born: 24th January 1976 

Jake was born in Liphook, Hampshire, England on the 24th  January 1976. 

His name isn’t actually Jake. He was christened, James but always called himself Jake when he played games such as cowboys and Indians, because it sounded more American.  The nickname stuck, although his parents still call him by his given name. 

His dad, Oscar, is a retired RAF officer, who ran a model railway shop. 

His mother, Irene, is a homemaker. After years of following her husband around from posting to posting, following his retirement she has started to relish life. 

She is active in the community and is heavily involved with the local church and WI. 

Oscar is a popular local character; chatty and easy to get on with. His RAF career was uneventful. 

Jake grew up experiencing a wide variety of lifestyles and food, so much so, his palate was well developed by the time he was ten years old and he would eat anything – except for the two things he could never cope with – Porridge and rice pudding. 

His best friend as a youngster was Richie Carter. They met in the first year at senior school, when they were both 11 and had been inseparable until they left school and went their own ways. They still keep in touch, meeting up at least once a year for a good catch-up. 

Richie didn’t get the A levels that Jake  did, but he got a good number of O levels and went into sales. He is now the Sales Director of a building supply company. Ritchie might make an appearance in s future novel. 

Jake was a “normal” youngster until he hit puberty late, at 14, when he suddenly morphed into a tall, muscular, and good looking young man.  

He joined the local Air Cadets and was a star member. He studied hard at school and armed with his A levels, he joined the RAF at the earliest opportunity and worked his way through the ranks to become a Flight Lieutenant. He specialised on rotary wing aircraft and assigned to fly Pumas. 

Following his crash, documented in Legitimate Targets, Jake left the RAF and joined Essex Police. 

He has an intense dislike of liars. He often finds it difficult to deal with interviewing prisoners/suspects and gets very frustrated by their lies and deceptions. As a result he has intensively studied body language and micro-expressions. 

He is head over heels in love with Rachel and adores his daughter Mia. They are his priority, although he is often late home or having to cancel arrangements, due to his commitment to his work. He would do anything to protect them. 

If you’d like to know any more about him, just let me know. 


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