Third Jake Sullivan novel now in progress

Isn’t it strange how things happen?

I had already started on my third novel, a historical/paranormal/time shift thriller called “Catherine – Blood and Fire,” when a couple of paragraphs in Ascension Day, leapt out of the page at me and screamed in my ear, “This is the plot for your next JS story!”

I was so intrigued by this that I had to stop work on “Catherine” and explore the possibilities. Well the voices in my head must’ve been right, because within three days, I’d got the prologue and first couple of chapters written – and written sufficiently well for me to include them at the end of Ascension Day, as a teaser.

Once I have reached that stage, I usually work on the cover design. Now you might think that’s a bit previous, but I find it really helps me to set the tone and atmosphere for the whole book and that in turn, helps my writing.

Now though, it’s back to research. I’ve set the scene, I’ve got a couple of new characters to flesh out and their back stories to write and I’ve also got a lot of geographical and technical research to do. This is the part of writing I love: creating the jigsaw and seeing how it all fits together.

With any luck, “The Trojan Code” will be completed by the end of the year, but if you want a flavour, check out the cover design and rough plot notes in the Forthcoming Novels section.


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