The End is Nigh…

I’m dividing my time between writing and restoring an old piano and there are some definite parallels to be drawn between the two processes.

For example, last night I turned the 100,000 word corner with Ascension Day. I’m on the cusp of the big reveal which will lead into a “heart-stopping” finale, or so my imaginary publicist would no doubt say.

Hopefully the last words will be penned within a few weeks and then I can start the enormous task of my first edit. Once I’m satisfied with the flow of the plot and I’ve eliminated any inconsistencies or continuity errors, I’ll be ready for the first proof read. No doubt the novel will require further editing, proofing and polishing before I can sit back and admire my handiwork.

So it is with the piano too. So far I’ve cleaned the mechanics and I’ve got some minor (I hope) repairs/maintenance to carry out. then I’ll be ready to strip the cabinet down to the bare wood and sand it smooth. Next I’ll use some American Walnut wood stain, followed by some high-gloss lacquer. Each coat will require fine abrading/smoothing and then a final polish.

Hopefully, the end is in sight for both these projects and I’ll be able to sit back and admire my handiwork. 🙂


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