Timeline keeps my novel on track

There are times, as a novel evolves, that a chapter leaps at you from nowhere. It can’t be ignored, yet it can’t actually be placed within the storyline… At least not yet.

Sometimes, if you have more or less mapped-out your plot points, a future chapter or sequence, bounces into your brain and continues to rebound into you get it written down.

The problem with scenarios like these, is that you’re writing the book out of order, and that can mean its easy to lose track of what’s happened and where you are within the novel.

Enter Word 2010 Smart Shapes!

This great facility allows me to create flow charts and timelines that grow and develop as the book evolves.

I give every key plot-point its own box and arrows are inserted automatically, keep track of the direction. I plot out the story as far as I can and then colour completed sections green.

I can add or delete boxes as necessary and it proving to be an invaluable tool.

How do you keep track of your work?


One comment

  1. I’ll check it out. The best writing software I can recommend is Scrivener, and it’s available on both Windows and Mac. You have a virtual cork board, and as it keeps your chapters separate, you can mix them all about and play with them. There’s so much more to it, although I’m still learning how to use it. Anything that makes life easier when writing sounds good to me!

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