What’s in store for Jake?

So there I am, penning a chapter for the next Jake Sullivan novel, “Ascension Day,”and happy to keep everything low key, when suddenly, Jake and Rachel start having a blazing row.

Where did that come from?

The row degenerated into accusations about bad parenting and Jake said some pretty hurtful things.

“I must stop this,” was my first reaction, “Jake and Rachel seldom argue and when they do, it doesn’t get as personal as this.”

Nevertheless, I just could not bring myself to interfere between them. There were obviously things that needed to be said, so why not let them get on with it, even tho they’re standing inside a church!

I’m pleased to say that it calmed down after a few minutes and ended with a few tears and a lot of hugs.

That’s the beauty of writing fiction, and writing for characters you love and care about.

Even if their row doesn’t make the final cut, they’ve provided me with another insight into their personalities and their priorities – You see, even after you have created them, you never stop learning about your characters and every new situation or scenario will put them through their paces and develop their personalities still further.

I might be holding the pen, but it’s my characters who control the speed and direction of their stories. Are they real? Well, yes, to me they are, and hopefully, they will be to the reader too.


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