Chirpy, Chirpy Tweet, Tweet

I was forced into opening a Twitter account a few years back, when my kids told me I needed to embrace the 21st century. As a Facebook user, I thought I had already made my leap, however, it quickly became apparent that it was not so much a leap, as just a few tentative steps.

Twitter was quite a learning curve; nothing seemed to work intuitively (and it still doesn’t in my opinion) – If I replied to a tweet, I expected to find my reply attached to that tweet, like on Facebook.  Instead I had to go hunting for it. The worst part was trying to limit my tweet to 140 characters. How the heck would that ever be possible? Word after word got truncated – “Tks 4 yr follow!” It was just like the early days of texting.

However I persevered and after a couple of years I had 43 followers – most of them friends and aquaintances. My tweets were generally boring and just about the usual old domestic stuff.

And then I embraced Twitter to promote my novel and everything changed. I started tweeting about Legitimate Targets and the planned sequels – I followed other authors,I followed Indie book clubs, indie book readers and I followed networking tweeters. As a result, people started to follow me and retweet for me. Within a couple of weeks I had 500 followers – each one with their own “Followship.”

Twitter is viral marketing and viral networking at its best. If you haven’s yet taken your first tentative steps into the world of Twitter, you should – It’s a brave new world in there.




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