The Rave Reviews Book Club

This week I joined the Rave Reviews Book Club, which is designed to support and promote Indie authors through a sort of mutual aid agreement.

The idea is that you list your book on the club for members to purchase and review. In addition, your work could be selected as the book of the month, or you could be selected as a “Spotlight Author,” which guarantees fairly intense promotion. All members’s reviews have to be posted on Amazon.

Now you’ll notice I said it was “mutual aid?” That’s because as a member you have to play your part too; membership dictates that you purchase, read and review four books a year. So if you want to get the best out of the club, you need to put something in.

As an extra bonus, the founder, Nonnie Jules, selects members’ books for a personal review and rating and you can use this in your marketing.

The club is also open to non-authors, in other words, the reading public; those great people who love to purchase, read and review books.

Early days, but it sounds like an excellent idea. You can find the club here:


One comment

  1. Sound like an interesting club. Have you looked a It is an online site where you upload your opening chapters and others review your work. You read other opening chapters too then if your work is love enough and you make it into the top ten your work will be read by an agent.

    Check it and see what you think, Peter.

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