Questions From Readers

Q: What was your motivaton to write a crime thriller?
A: It was two-fold. Firstly I was (and still am) frustrated by popular crime novelists whose protagonists are senior police officers (Insp. Morse, Ch. Supt Tennison, etc). The truth is that crimes are solved by the officers on the ground. Senior officers are mainly managers, budget-holders, politicians etc. and a…re only invoved in investigations when they are wheeled out as the figurehead at a press conference. I wanted to redress the balance and put a bog-standard bobby in a situation that he should never get involved in. By the time he tried to get off the roller-coaster, it was too late. The second motivation was simply because it’s a subject that I know about and felt comfortable writing about.
Q: Who is your favourite character?
A: Jake, obviously, but I really enjoyed writing for Vazlov; he was so evil and although I really put him through the mill, he just kept bouncing back. I love Rachel too; When I first wrote her, she was just a little too soft, so I toughened her up and I think she’s really ballsy now. Jake is actually quite a deep character. I only let a little bit come out in Legitimate Targets, because the action is fairly non-stop, but in Ascension Day, you will find out a lot more about his backgroud and what makes him tick.
Q:If Legitimate Targets was a film, who would play your lead characters?
A: we’ve had a lot of fun talking about this. Without doubt Donald Sutherland would be DeMilvus; he can do a perfect English accent and can play multi-faceted characters with ease. Rachel Weiss would be Rachel and I wrote Vazlov with Jason Statham in mind (Assuming he can do an eastern European accent and not just cockney!) Jake is  difficult one. I’m thinking of Hugh Jackman at the moment. lol

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