Thank you for the 5* reviews

There’s nothing better than receiving a good review; it makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile, but it also raises a surprising mix of emotions.

First, there’s that initial shot of trepidation when the review counter shows there’s a new comment. “Will it be a good review or a damning criticism of my writing skills?”

Next is a combination of relief and excitment when you see a positive heading, such as “Gripping!” This is swiftly followed by a tingling thrill and shot of adrenaline as the words of the review sink in.

But you know, the overwhelming emotion I feel is humility; I always feel surprised and humbled that someone has enjoyed the the book enough to go back to Amazon and write about it. The words on the page have been through quite a journey to get there and in the case of Legitimate Targets, which has around 150,000 words, there’s at least 50,000 words that failed to make it to the final draft. Accordingly, I’m always slightly in awe that the words I’ve written are enjoyed by the readers.

If you are one of those who have reviewed the book, thank you.


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